where is your exit?

Working adults in the United States spend almost one-third of their lives on the job.

However, nearly half of these individuals are unhappy at their workplace. This is especially true for women.

Ongoing polls suggest that this will only worsen in the coming years.


Hi, I’m Gloriana Hunter.

I inspire people to take charge of their careers.

We all need knowledge, skills, and passion to excel, and I’m committed to providing people with best opportunities to harness their personal power. My utmost goal is to ignite passion in the lives of individuals to help them avoid mediocrity and achieve their dreams.

I want women to exit this unhappiness highway.




Stop staying stuck.

At one point, that was me.

I discovered the “secret” to get unstuck.

Truth be told, it’s not a secret.

I tried four simple strategies.

It changed my life. 

Now I work directly with women like me.

Women who feel stuck, perhaps like you.

It worked for me.

But will it work for you?

Research says yes.

In my own journey, I discovered four critical strategies that accelerated my personal and professional growth.  These research-based strategies will change your life. I created Wake Up Be Amazing for people like me...people who are stuck in jobs that  fall short of their personal expectations. Join the Wake Up Be Amazing movement and say goodbye to the daily grind forever. Build a career full of creativity, joy, and purpose!

Go beyond today.

When was the last time

you felt excited to go to work?

This can change.

You can find new motivation and enthusiasm to become the best version of you.

And I’m here to show you how.

Discover how awesome you are with

Wake Up Be Amazing!

Let’s stay connected!

Every Wednesday I send out

a personal note with fresh ideas and encouragement.

Join in on the Wake Up Be Amazing movement!

Wake Up Be Amazing® empowers women to become everything they were meant to be by providing pathways to strengthen personal growth and professional development.

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