Angie Geren has over 15 years of experience in health and wellness although she jokes that addiction has been a part of her life since in utero. She is founder and Executive Director of Addiction Haven which is a recovery community organization dedicated to changing the conversation around substance use, advocating for public health focused policy, and creating recovery ready communities. Through her work she has educated over 9,000 community members, youth, and families on everything from prevention to recovery supports and created a low barrier community of support for those struggling with substances. Her personal life mission is to compassionately empower the collective to be connected and authentically themselves. 

Who's Judging?

Stigma is pervasive and affects many interactions in the realm of mental health and substance use disorders. The barriers to living life to the fullest are fully rooted in stigma and bias. Identifying what stigma looks like in action is crucial in addressing treatment and our role as helpers. 


In this session you will:

  • Learn the basis of stigma and its different forms

  • Identify barriers that exist and strategies to reduce them

  • Discover how perception plays a role in your interactions

  • Learn tools to effectively reduce stigma

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