Jana Spalding, MD, CPSS


Dr. Jana Spalding, MD, CPSS, works as a behavioral health consultant, educator and speaker. Born and raised in Panama, she is bilingual in English and Spanish, and is conversant with cultural practices as they impact health in the Hispanic communities. A graduate of the Stanford University School of Medicine, she pursued her Pediatric residency at UCLA and at the Children’s Hospital of Orange County. Following her own bout with debilitating major mental illness, she turned to peer support, administration and education in behavioral health. With 23 years’ experience in the field, she has also taught and developed curricula on recovery from mental illness and lifestyle change in cultural contexts at Arizona State University and at the University of Arizona. She has enjoyed collaborating with the National Latino Behavioral Health Association to promote cultural humility among health services recipients and providers, and with the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance as a peer support instructor, and as a translator of their curriculum into Spanish and delivering peer support training in Spanish. Her work has highlighted the value of peer support across the entire spectrum of health and wellness, and the promise the application of the principles of recovery holds for all. She currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona.

Scaling Up Resiliency

Resiliency building is critical to ongoing recovery. We require it to go through the tough times and so do the people we serve. Together we will review our own resiliency using the Brief Resiliency Scale and gather ways to better support those around us.


In this session you will:

  • Perform a self-assessment using the Brief Resiliency Scale

  • Review how your score reveals your current level of resiliency

  • Learn how to increase your resiliency (hint: it’s a learned skill!)

  • Discover ways to help others around you to build their resiliency in life’s harder moments

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