Katharine Halpin presents keynote speeches and workshops at regional and national conferences and within her client companies.  Her seminars and leadership development programs focus on driving results by engaging everyone, narrowing their focus, aligning communications and building transparency at every level, in every interaction. Her proven methods eliminate overwhelm and create whitespace to think and act strategically.  She is a facilitator in the areas of innovation, change, and bringing out the best in others.


Katharine's programs include:

  • Right People, Right Results, Right Priorities, Right Now!

  • Making Work Work for Everyone – Dissolving Conflict Quickly and Productively

  • Bring Out the Best in Your People

  • The Hard Way or The Easy Way? You Choose!

  • Build a Culture of Results – Mindset, Focus, Discipline and Aligned Actions

  • Self-Leadership: The Key to Building Winning Organizations


Katharine’s clients:

  • Align everyone around the Vision, Operational Roadmap & Plan to drive results, and

  • Get the Right People focused on the Right Projects, driving the Right Results


Katharine is the author of Alignment for Success: Bring out the Best in Yourself, Your Team and Your Organization and her forthcoming book: Strategic Think Time: The Key to Bringing Your Best Self Every Day.

Since 1985, Katharine has served continuously as a member of or Advisor to various non-profit and local, regional and global professional association Boards.

Katharine Halpin

Halpin leadership strategist®

Self-Leadership: The Key to Self-Alignment, Team Alignment & Organizational-wide Alignment


Participants will leave this session with a new awareness about themselves, their strengths and their Growth GapsTM.  More importantly they will be inspired to grow themselves in order to grow their organizations.  Each participant will leave with:


  • Clarity about their own Strengths  

  • The 3 Keys to Self-Leadership

  • 9 Habits Required to Get out of Reactive Mode and Think and Act Strategically and Proactively

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