Otto siegel

Genius Coaching

Otto Siegel is best known for his passionate and precise approach to decoding and activating hidden brilliance and suppressed intelligence. He is a nationally known expert on genius and innovation who has transformed the lives of his clients as a Master Certified Coach, transformational speaker and co-author of “Yes, You Are a Genius – Whether You Know it or Not”.

Since 2002 his company Genius Coaching, LLC has been partnering with Fortune 500 companies, progressive business owners, educational institutions and families of bright children to decode and activate the best in everyone.

He studied behavioral science with Nobel Laureate Prof. Dr. Konrad Lorenz in Munich, Germany and holds a master’s degree in education, biology and chemistry from the University of Munich.

5 Benefits of Being a “Highly Intelligent Misfit”

Highly intelligent and sensitive people around the world are natural outliers – they just don’t fit the bell curve of the general population. Unfortunately, subconsciously many of them try very hard to do just that – fitting in to be accepted. Join us to learn how to turn this unique position as a natural outlier into a strong individual benefit – mentally, emotionally, socially and financially.

Wake Up Be Amazing® empowers women to become everything they were meant to be by providing pathways to strengthen personal growth and professional development.

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