Your Weird Habits are Normal

How quirky are you?

I know, that’s a weird start and maybe you don’t want to answer aloud. But…

Did you know some of the most successful people in history had weird little habits that contributed to their success?

There is a name for this bit of weirdness: Keystone Habits.

Oh, you want examples?

Beethoven counted 60 coffee beans for his morning coffee (just as precise as his compositions).

Tesla slept in six 20-minutes intervals so he could be more productive (science says don’t do this).

Steve Jobs ate carrots until he turned a slightly orange in color (carrots are healthy, after all).

Ben Franklin took naked air baths sitting in front of his window each morning (there’s an image that won’t leave for a while).

Keystone habits put you into the right frame of mind to complete complex mental tasks. It’s like a routine that is unique to you…perhaps a little quirky, but without it your day never quite takes flight.

Keystone habits are like dominos. Once your keystone habit goes into action, it sets off another, and another. Our eccentric quirks lead to success.

My keystone habit is that I have a full morning routine that progresses at such a slow speed my family has nicknamed me “sloth”. If I don’t do it, though, I’m doomed to slothfulness all day. When I do it, however, I become an action figure with blazing speed.

So, I double-dog-dare you to fess up. What’s your keystone habit?

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