Sean Driskill

Community Medical Services

Sean Driskill is a person in long term recovery. He is currently providing peer support services at Community Medical Services, and he received his Peer Support education through Recovery Innovations. Along with working full time, Sean also spends his time volunteering for a syringe access program and furthering his education.

Sean began volunteering for a local Harm Reduction collective shortly after moving to Maricopa County. After securing employment at Community Medical Services, he began to identify some easy applications of Harm Reduction into Peer Support Services.

The Peer Support &

Harm Reduction Connection

Peer Support and Harm Reduction go hand in hand. The current trends in Opioid use necessitates the implementation of Harm Reduction philosophies into our Peer Support Services.

As Peers, many of us have had experience with Opioid use whether personally or peripherally. We understand the struggles, the feelings, and the consequences, but most importantly, many of us have learned how to minimize the harm brought about by Opioid use through the experiences of ourselves and others.

During this presentation we will

  • Review a brief history of Harm Reduction

  • Identify evidence-based benefits of Harm Reduction in SUD/OUD

  • Review safe use practices

  • Learn how Naloxone can be used during an Opioid overdose

  • Identify harm reduction services in Maricopa County

  • Practice utilizing a harm reduction approach while providing peer support services

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