Gloriana Hunter 

I am a champion of Movers & Shakers.


If you’re a Mover & Shaker who creates positive change in your community, I’m a fan. My name is Gloriana Hunter and I help people with their professional development…with a twist. I believe that the people who could most use my services are often the most overlooked: those who work hard to improve the lives of others.


I come by this mindset honestly from my time in social services. While I loved my work, I desperately needed career guidance that I never received. When I sought out professional coaches, the price tag competed with my car payment. So, as many of us do, I took the trial and error approach. I decided to become a student of career growth. My goal? Mastery. Finally, I saw real momentum. I also saw that many who had the same ambitions were left behind. I decided to do something about it.


If you’re just starting out, why waste the time to get what you want from your career? If you’ve been stuck for a while, let me be the testament that it is not too late…but it’s time to get moving. So, join in, come along, and welcome to your new journey!



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Cynda Crawford is full of the heart and passion that assists her in helping others find the light in their own life. As Cynda says - "When I see a spark in someone, I love to be then fan that helps it grow in to a roaring flame."

Cynda touches the lives of others in a way that shows them that the elements of success are there for the taking. She supports them in living full, enriched lives by teaching them tools that help them to create and define their own story of success and she continues to help them reach for the stars.

Blah Blah Blah I don't know what else to say - help Glo is this enough???

Wake Up Be Amazing® empowers women to become everything they were meant to be by providing pathways to strengthen personal growth and professional development.

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